How To Apply A Vinyl Decal

How to Apply A Vinyl Decal:

Step 1: Clean the Surface
Wipe surface clean using a damp cloth with water. Wait
until surface is completely dry.

Step 2: Prepare and Position Your Decal
Take your squeequee (or even use a credit card)
and rub the top lay of the decal on a hard
surface. Position your decal on the intended surface
and secure the sheet with tape along the top.
The tape now acts as a hinge.

Step 3: Remove the Backing Paper
Flip the sheet on its hinger & very slowly
peel the backing paper from the decal. If
the decal stays stuck to the backing paper, rub
the decal onto the transfer tape & slowly
try again. Try changing angles as well.

Step 4: Apply the Decal
Using a credit card, firmly rub over the transfer
tape working from the center out.

Step 5: Remove the Transfer Tape
At a 45 degree angle, very slowly peel back
the edge of the transfer. Press over the decal with your
application tool ensuring the decal is well adhered.